In response to two previous letters from proponents of the McDonald County Planning Commission.


The Planning Commission was allegedly passed by ballot in 1967.  The Commission operated for a very shot period of time, then went dormant until the Commission was regurgitated in late 2007 or early 2008.  The Commission has not been operating for decades.  It is composed of 19 members.  Most citizens do not know who their representative is in the precinct.


We have numerous Federal and State organizations already to regulate our lives and property by ordinances such as the EPA, DNR and so forth, by bureaucrats that are not elected officials.  We do not need more at the local level.


One writer states that the Commission does not pass ordinances, the County Commissions do.  This is true.  However, in my experience in the past, the County Commissioners have passed any works of the appointees in the Planning Commission “As Is” with one exception, the onerous “Subdivisions Regulations”.  We believe that the County Commissioners were ready to pass this document “As Is”, then shelved it until the citizenry went back to sleep.


The County Commissioners were asked if they would put the issue of terminating the Planning Commission on the ballot.  One response was an adamant “No!!”  The other two Commissioners tap danced around the request.  We then asked if we, the people, could initiate a grassroots petition to get the termination of the Planning Commission on the ballot.  The County Clerk said we could not.  After research, it was found that RSMO 64.695 very clearly states that 5%  of the citizens of the county that voted for Governor in 2008 can sign a petition to put the issue on the ballot.


What are the Commissioners afraid of?  The will of the people?  Let’s get the issue on the ballot and let the people decide in the General Election, Nov. 6, 2012.  No special election, no municipal election and no closing of some of the Polling Places.  If we the opponents of this Agenda 21 “step child” lose, then the people of this county have spoken.


In conclusion, we do not wish to turn McDonald County into a sewer as the proponents claim.  We live here also.


Thank You.

John P. Fitts

Noel, MO     

October 25, 2011 letter to the editor by John Fitts Authorization to publish on file